The First Results Are In!

We’ve been busy going through the huge amount of material from the visioning events last week (March 2017), and our consultants at Feria Urbanism are still compiling the summary report. However, we thought you’d be interested to see a snapshot of data discovered so far. The following rankings convey the general opinion of all participants:

Sissinghurst – Top 5 qualities:

  • Historic
  • Attractive
  • Green
  • Friendly
  • Inclusive

Sissinghurst – Top 5 challenges:

  • Traffic
  • Over-development
  • Health services
  • Affordable housing
  • Countryside Protection

Cranbrook – Top 5 qualities:

  • Attractive
  • Unique
  • Friendly
  • Distinctive
  • Independent

Cranbrook – Top 5 challenges:

  • Sports and leisure provision (Kino)
  • Traffic
  • Non-school youth opportunities
  • Countryside protection
  • Diversity of shops

As expected, there are some distinct differences between Cranbrook and Sissinghurst as revealed by the contributions! Lots of interesting opinions regarding future development too. More to follow…

Nancy Warne
Chair of the NDP Steering Group
For and on behalf of the Cranbrook & Sissinghurst Parish Council

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