Steering Group

Cllr. Nancy Warne (chair)
Born and raised at Charity Farm in Swattenden Lane, I attended Cranbrook Primary, Angley and Cranbrook Schools, before leaving to study Human Geography at Bristol University. After working in London in arts and environmental organisations I returned to Cranbrook in the mid-1990s to raise my family. I am married to Matt Warne and we currently live in central Cranbrook.

I work at Charity Farm Countrystore, as a buyer and manager in the clothing, gifts and garden areas. I have various qualifications in garden design and horticulture from Hadlow College.

I was chair of the PTFA at Colliers Green Primary School and have been a member of the Parish Council since March 2016 and was elected borough councillor for the Cranbrook and Benenden ward in May 2019. I was delighted to be chosen to be the chair of the NDP Steering Group in October, as I am ridiculously devoted to my home town and it’s people. I passionately believe that this project offers us an exciting opportunity to help shape a sustainable future for our parish.

Cllr. Gary Pethurst (vice chair)
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Cllr. John Smith 
I am married to Rebecca, and have lived in Sissinghurst since 1994 where we raised our three children. As a mechanical and production engineer I have 27 years experience in the co‐operative sector. I am now the managing director of Weald Granary Ltd, a grain storage, marketing and distribution farmers co-operative.

I was TWBC Conservative Borough Cllr.2002 to 2011 for the Frittenden and Sissinghurst Ward, and TWBC Independent Borough Cllr. 2011 to 2015 for the Frittenden and Sissinghurst Ward. I have served on and chaired numerous TWBC committees including; Scrutiny, Planning, Investigatory and cabinet advisory boards, as well as senior officer interview and appointment panels. I spent four years as vice-chair and chair of TWBC Conservative Group and was TWBC Deputy Mayor 2011 to 2012, and Mayor 2012 to 2013.

In all my council roles I strived to help deliver quality, value for money and improved services for the residents in all areas of council business. I enjoy being a part of teams that look critically at the function of local councils, helping to make the necessary changes to meet the evolving and future needs of local residents and tax payers (it’s our money!)

In Sissinghurst I am chairman of St.George’s Institute and a Sissinghurst fete committee member. I am also chairman of Sissinghurst Boys FC and a qualified referee. I enjoy playing veteran’s football, golf, skiing and most sports.

June Bell
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Marion Cranmer
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Liz Daley
I am a teacher and have taught in some capacity at most of the local primary and secondary schools. I am married and have lived in Cranbrook for about 30 years. Our two sons attended Cranbrook Primary (where I was chair of the PTA for five years), Angley School (as was) and Cranbrook School. I am on the Patient Group at my local doctors’ surgery and a member of Cranbrook WI. I am currently involved in organising a ‘Chelsea Fringe’ event for Cranbrook town. I am keen to be involved in the community, making sure that everyone feels consulted and wish to contribute to maintaining the Parish as a lovely place to live.

Cllr. Kim Fletcher
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Cllr. Lee Hatcher
I live and grew up in Cranbrook. I was lucky enough to live in council housing as a child and I have joined the NDP steering committee to try and help decision makers see the value in good social housing that people can be proud to live in. I love Cranbrook and I am proud to live here and want to make sure that we all can be proud of, and love, our town.


Annie Hopper
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Matthew Warne
I attended Cranbrook School and went on to involved in financial management in Australia with clients ranging from the NSW Treasury and the Australian Stock Exchange to technology and facilities management firms in the 1990s. I have worked within the discipline across a number of industries in both Australia, and for the last 13 years, here in the UK.

I have been responsible for change management and investment projects at a number of UK businesses. In those roles I have built teams and complete financial processes from the ground up through to successful audit.

I come from an analytical background, dealing with investment boards, CFO/CTOs on a daily basis, and have two degrees in Commerce and the post-graduate Certified Practicing Accountant (Australia).