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October 2020



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Executive Summary


This pre-submission consultation plan has been prepared by a Steering Group of volunteer parish councillors and residents for Cranbrook and Sissinghurst Parish Council on behalf of those who live and work within the parish.

The plan comprises a vision statement for the future and a set of objectives that encapsulate the views expressed by the community through extensive consultations since March 2017, in accordance with the neighbourhood planning regulations. The vision and objectives are the touchstone for all future development in the parish. These are supported by a set of planning policies and a series of projects to realise the vision and objectives. The plan has been informed by the strategic policies in the Tunbridge Wells Borough Council Local Plan, against which it needs to be in general conformity.

Cranbrook and Sissinghurst Parish is faced with a period of rapid residential growth, the level of which has not been seen here for over 60 years. Under the TWBC New Local Plan the residential built form of the parish is likely to see an approximate 33% increase.

The policies and projects in this plan aim to ensure that the distinctive heritage and rural nature of the parish is preserved, whilst securing the community and economic benefits that growth can bring.


Policies and projects are focused on the following key areas:

        Landscape & the Natural Environment

        Design & Heritage

        Access & Movement

        Business & Employment


        Culture & Community


Cranbrook and Sissinghurst Parish is an historic, vibrant, and beautiful corner of Kent, and one which is much admired. It is the intention of the policies and projects in this document to support the community through the enormous changes during the next fifteen years.

As the previous community consultations took place before the pandemic, we are especially interested to hear your views about possible future changes and concerns which the current health crisis and ongoing climate crisis has brought to light, for instance:

·      changes to working and shopping patterns

·      changes in traffic levels, travel, and modes of transport

·      adaptations in shops, schools, arts, music, sports, and other public venues

·      the heightened importance of living space at home

·      greater appreciation of neighbours and community

·      access to nature and green space outside

·      future opportunities in green and technological economies

·      access to locally-grown food.


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