Autumn Update

Questionnaire results, housing need and site assessments, and an invitation to the 2017 Autumn Public Exhibition.

The NDP team of volunteers has been busy this last two months. Divided into task groups, and with the help of extra volunteers from the parish, we have been gathering further data and researching the different ideas that have been put forward from the community since the start for the process in the Spring.

The deadline for completing the NDP questionnaire was the end of September. We have been pleased that responders took the time to read the supporting material and provide considered feedback on priorities for the emerging plan and what we may have missed. We distributed te questionnaire both digitally on the parish council’s website, via the In the Know e-newsletter and through our own email lists. It was also made available in print at the parish office, and over 600 were delivered by hand in Cranbrook and Sissinghurst.

Your Greatest Concerns

The questionnaire research tells us that your greatest concerns are in relation to housing availability (affordable and smaller sizes for downsizing), protection of landscape and rural character (including settlements and routeways), protection of our heritage buildings, good quality design and layout of new developments, provision for business and community spaces, and infrastructure (medical, schools, roads and parking).

The data we have gathered is now being collated and the hard work will begin – shaping the plan. The emerging policies seek to address these issues at the local level, where possible, but must also be in general conformity with both regional (TWBC’s Local Plan) and national policy (NPPF).

Please see below for details on this Autumn’s Public Exhibition. Following this, adjustments will be made to the plan before a second exhibition in early Spring 2018, after which our NDP will be submitted for examination.

Housing Needs and Site Assessments

Running alongside this policy writing work, the NDP Group, with the help of planners from the government-funded body AECOM, are undertaking two important tasks – a Housing Needs Assessment for Cranbrook and Sissinghurst, and the Site Assessments of sites put forward in the ‘Call for Sites’.

A Housing Needs Assessment identifies the “unconstrained expression of demand”. By doing our own parish-only assessment we can add local specificity and depth to what is initially a crude calculation derived from population growth estimates. It will not just look at total numbers of homes needed, but also the detail of housing mix required.

The Site Assessments work is the supply side of the equation and considers the many constraints to development, such as environmental and infrastructure factors. This will enable us to understand the capacity of the landscape to absorb development without negatively impacting upon it.

Public Exhibition

All of this work will be available for the community to comment upon. Pop along to any of the following events to find out more.

Vestry Hall, Cranbrook

  • 22 November – 7pm-9pm
  • 23 November – 9am-4pm

St. George’s Institute, Sissinghurst

  • 23 November – 6pm – 8pm
  • 24 November – 9am-4pm

Cranbrook Library

  • 25 November – 8th December

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