Many thanks to everybody who took the time to respond to the Pre-Submission consultation over the 8 weeks in October, November and December 2020. There were a significant number of responses from local people from all across the parish area, and from statutory agencies too, including from the planning team at Tunbridge Wells Borough Council. The steering group were pleased to see a high number of supportive comments from local people, suggesting that the draft plan is already on the right lines.
The steering group are now reviewing all the comments received in detail, a task that will take some time. These responses will be used to inform a set of revisions to the neighbourhood plan before the parish council submit the revised plan to TWBC, together with the necessary supporting reports and documents. One of the supporting reports will be the Consultation Statement. This report will contain all the comments received on the draft plan and the responses to these comments by the steering group. This will provide an opportunity to see how and why the plan has been revised. The steering group will not be replying to responses on an individual basis before the publication of the Consultation Statement.
Once received by TWBC, the revised neighbourhood plan will be subject to a further public consultation, lasting a minimum of 6 weeks, before the plan goes to independent examination. Subject to the examiners recommendations, the plan will then proceed to referendum. If successful at referendum, the plan then comes into legal force.
If you have any questions about the neighbourhood plan process, please do get in touch. Thank you.

Though consultation has finished you can still click here for the full version of the Regulation 14 Draft Neighbourhood Development Plan for Cranbrook and Sissinghurst, or you can view the individual sections of the Plan by following the links below the video.

Consultation was for Eight Weeks From Friday 16th October until Friday 11th December 2020.

Executive Summary (click for pdf) (click for html)

Introduction (click for pdf) (click for html)

Vision and Objectives (click for pdf) (click for html)

Landscape and Natural Environment (click for pdf) (click for html)

Design and Heritage (click for pdf) (click for html)

Access and Movement (click for pdf) (click for html)

Business and Employment (click for pdf) (click for html)

Housing (click for pdf) (click for html)

Community and Culture (click for pdf) (click for html)

Infrastructure (click for pdf) (click for html)

Projects List (click for pdf) (click for html)

Objectives and Policies Table (click for pdf) (click for html)

Glossary (click for pdf) (click for html)


Cranbrook and Sissinghurst NDP Slideshow (download)

This slideshow explains the process that has allowed the project team to reach the point where there is a draft plan published for consultation.